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Rejected from the living world, Deadus found his true calling in the fire filled bowels of Hell. Having saved The Devil’s demonic life during an Angelic invasion, Deadus was promoted to the position of “Manager of Hell Affairs”. While in this position Deadus had led many charges against Heaven, and during the last conflict helped to deliver and attempt the recovery of the Damon twins. Following the dramatic events of Armageddon he returned to Hell and helped to bring about a new age in the newly titled, “Underworld”.


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Trenchie has always been the sort of angel to get out of trouble, in the servitude of Heaven he managed to always escape punishment. That was until the Great Fall of Angels, when The Devil made claim to Earth and all of its inhabitants. Having followed The Devil, a long time friend to Hell he turned his back on Heaven and became engulfed in the war between each side. It was Trenchie who mixed up the Damon twins, setting off the chain of events leading to Armageddon. Following the climatic battle against Heaven, Trenchie turned his back on the Demon world. Not wanting to have any part of the new age in the “Underworld”, he settled down on Earth with a picket fenced house and wife.


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